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Challenge Club Games

In early March 2021 I voluntered to be a reviewer for GameDev.Tv's new venture "Challenge Club" becoming a Club Ambassador soon after as it rolled out to Beta.
Into June and 'Challenge Club' is evolving into 'Game Dev Skill Builder'.
Weekly Quests get members to fix and expand Unity projects via challenges.
From some of these Quests I have gone on and created mini prototype games which can be played via links below.
They are by no means perfect as have been thrown together quite quickly and may be tweaked or expanded on sometime in the future.
Can you spot the theme?!

Balloon Defender Banner

Balloon Defender

Live: June 2021

From Earth Defender Quest
Balloon Clicker Banner

Balloon Clicker

Live: May 2021

From GameDev Clicker Quest
ClownBoarder Banner


Live: April 2021

From Spin Boarding Quest
Why Did The Clown Cross The Road? Banner

Why Did The Clown Cross The Road?

Live: April 2021

From Toady Froggerson Quest
Pinball Clown Banner

Pinball Clown

Live: April 2021

From Pinball Quest
Wack A Balloon Banner

Wack A Balloon

Live: April 2021

From Wack-A-Mole Quest
Grapple The Balloons Banner

Grapple The Balloons

Live: March 2021

From Grapple Gun Quest
Balloon Hunt Banner

Balloon Hunt

Live: March 2021

From Hide & Seek Quest
Balloon Collector Banner

Balloon Collector

Live: March 2021

From Trail Blazer Quest
Balloon Heist Banner

Balloon Heist

Live: March 2021

From Basic Teleporting Quest

If you have any support issues / ideas / feedback please email Eddie.